Adjustments and Chiropractic


Dr. Richard Pashayan, Justine O’Callahan
First, lets talkCapture about a subluxation. What is it? A chiropractic subluxation is a bone out of a place that often puts pressure on surrounding nerves and muscles, causing an imbalance in the nervous system. This may be associated with pain, tenderness, headaches, inflammation, various other symptoms, as well as no symptoms at all!

How do you know if you have a subluxation?
You may not know! Most people who see a chiropractor are already experiencing symptoms, a sign that the subluxation has been present for quite some time and has already caused changes in the area. It’s important to remember that a subluxation has an internal effect on the body and although you may not be experiencing symptoms, there may still be dysfunction. The longer the subluxation is present, the more symptoms you will experience, and the longer it will take to heal.
A Doctor of Chiropractic uses their hands to assess and gently correct these subluxations to help the body heal naturally. The importance of correcting subluxations is to restore the neuromusculoskeletal function of the body. It allows the blood to flow, the nerves to fire, and the muscles to contract within their normal realm, without disruption. With the help of a chiropractor, you can ensure that you’re subluxation free and able to experience the greatest quality of life possible.